On Wednesday, members of the Legal League 100Advisory Council met in Dallas, Texas, to discuss the state of the Legal League 100 and its subcommittees, and to create initiatives to reflect the concerns and needs of its membership.

A Five Star Institute professional association for law firms working in financial services, the strategy of the Legal League 100 has shifted along with changes in the default servicing industry,

At the Legal League 100 Spring Summit in April, Ed Delgado, Ex-Officio of the Legal League 100 and President and CEO of The Five Star Institute, told members of the Legal League 100 that the group’s focus going forward would be on advocacy as opposed to focusing on marketing.

“The abatement in defaults since the crisis has necessitated a shift in strategy for the Legal League 100,” Delgado said. “The primary objective of Legal League 100 is advocacy and on becoming a powerful voice for representations in decisions that affect the industry. Our focus will also be on helping default servicing law firms to be sustainable in today’s changing default servicing landscape.”

The meeting was led by Neil Sherman from Schneiderman & Sherman, P.C., who was elected Chairperson of the Legal League 100 Advisory Council in April, as well as Delgado.

Sherman spoke to the need for law firms to diversify their business strategies and explore cost containment strategies so as to remain competitive in a shifting marketplace. “We as an industry and a membership are at a crossroads. It is imperative through partnership and collaboration with the servicing community that we as attorneys aid in the development of solutions that support overall industry viability. In these challenging times in our industry it is our responsibility shine,” Sherman said.

“The abatement in defaults since the crisis has necessitated a shift in strategy for the Legal League 100.”

Ed Delgado, President and CEO, The Five Star Institute

Other leadership changes announced in April for the Advisory Council were the election of Michelle Garcia Gilbert of Gilbert Garcia Law Group, P.A., as Vice Chairperson; Roy Diaz of SHD Legal Group, P.A., and David G. Marowske of Potestivo & Associates, P.C., to general positions with the Advisory Council; and Stephen M. Hladik of Hladik, Onorato & Federman, LLP, as Government Affairs Subcommittee Chairperson. Re-elected to Advisory Council general positions in April were Jeffrey B. Fisher of BP Fisher Law Group; Erin M. Laurito of Laurito & Laurito, LLC; and Richard Nielson of Nielson & Sherry, PSC.

“I am excited in my role as Vice Chairperson to act as a liaison between Advisory Council and the Legal League Subcommittees to create initiatives to reflect the concerns of the membership as a whole,” Gilbert said. “Today’s meeting was an important first step to outlining these initiatives and putting thought into action.”

The newly-elected and re-elected members joined Advisory Council members Adam Codilis, Codilis and Associates, P.C., and J. Anthony Van Ness, Van Ness Law Firm, PLC.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Advisory Council discussed initiatives for 2016 and 2017 to advocate on behalf of the Legal League 100 membership at large and address important issues such as law firm viability sustainability, dealing with cost increases, entering new business arenas, and the creation of uniform procedures throughout the industry.

The Legal League 100 Fall Summit will be September 13 as part of the 2016 Five Star Conference and Expo. The conference will be September 11 through 13 in Dallas, Texas.


Source: www.DSNews.com

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