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FSBO Package – Southeast Michigan

FSBO Package – Western Michigan

Construction – Notice of Commencement

Construction – Notice of Furnishing

Construction – Sworn Statement (EXCEL)

Construction – Waiver Full Conditional

Construction – Waiver Full Unconditional

Construction – Waiver Partial Conditional

Construction – Waiver Partial Unconditional

Deposit – Escrow Agreement

Discharge of Mortgage – Corporate

Discharge of Mortgage – Individual

Land Contract

Land Contract Memorandum

Lead Based Paint Disclosure

Occupancy Escrow Release

Mortgage Payoff Authorization

Power of Attorney – Buyer/Borrower

Power of Attorney – Seller

Purchase Agreement – Southeast Michigan

Purchase Agreement – West Michigan

Purchase Agreement General Addendum

Purchase Agreement Land Contract Addendum

Seller Disclosure

Quit Claim Deed – Individual

Warranty Deed – Individual

Additional Resources

Conditional Homestead Rescission Form

Homestead Rescission Form

Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit

Property Transfer Affidavit

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